6803 133 Slotting machine

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6803 133 Slotting machine
Product Details:


Rated voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz - 60Hz

Rated power: 2800W

Rated speed: 6400rpm

Cutting width: 0-44mm

Cutting depth: 0-42mm


*Add mechanical slotting line alignment device and laser line alignment function

*It is more convenient to replace the saw blade, just unscrew the protective cover

*The dust collector has better dust collection effect and is suitable for different depths of dust collection

*Stronger waterproof function, more difficult to enter water

*More power, certainly more torque

*Rolling slotting and ensuring flexible rolling

Iron box packaging:

Model: 6803

Quantity: 2 sets/piece

Gross weight: 22KG

Net weight: 13KG

Outer box size: 510x 280x425mm