6808 133 Slotting machine

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6808 133 Slotting machine
Product Details:


Rated voltage: 220V-240V/50-60HZ

Rated power: 1850w

No load speed: 8000rpm

Cutting depth: 39mm

Cutting width: 30mm


*One time forming slotting, light and convenient, can replace most heavy slotting machines on the market

*Excellent dustproof and waterproof effect, basically achieving dust-free operation

*The handle can be rotated 90 degrees to facilitate horizontal and vertical slotting

*Two methods are adopted: adding water for dust removal and dust collector for dust collection

*Add slotting mechanical alignment function

*More power, certainly more torque

Plastic box packaging:

Model: 6808

Quantity: 3 sets/piece

Net weight: 12KG

Gross weight: 22KG

Outer box size: 545 * 490 * 240mm