T22C AC 220V butter machine

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T22C AC 220V butter machine
Product Details:

1. Patented products, Patent No.: 2L 201621131452-4

2. Barrel capacity: 13-15L yellow oil tank directly built-in

3. Gross/net weight: 20 KG

4. Power supply voltage: 220V

5. Output power: 600W

6. Working pressure: 0-40Mpa

7. Oil outlet speed: 350g/min

8. Control mode: electronic pressure switch

9. Package size: 44 * 38 * 72CM

10. Directly built-in 15L canned 1-3 # butter

11. Built in two 12Ah batteries with full charge and 30L butter

12. Butter can be added at the field site without any auxiliary equipment