T88 Permanent magnet pneumatic butter machine 40L

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T88 Permanent magnet pneumatic butter machine 40L
Product Details:

1. Patented products, Patent No.: 201621373911. x

2. Pressure ratio: 60:1

3. Air inlet pressure range: 0.6-0.8Mpa

4. Oil outlet pressure: 45Mpa

5. Fuel delivery: 0.85 L/Min

6. Gross weight of equipment: 17.5KG

7. Barrel volume: 40L

8. Package size: 405 * 405 * 870mm

9. Directly built-in 15L canned 1-3 # butter

10. Inner height of barrel: 430mm, inner diameter of barrel: 350mm

11. Remarks:

    New permanent magnetic pneumatic butter machine, silent, efficient, durable and energy-saving

    1. It is the first to create magnetic valve core and suspension reversing technology, subtracting the elastic reversing link of the original spring, which solves the defects of heavy noise and easy air leakage caused by the air exchange of the original spring, and is efficient, energy-saving and durable.

    2. Integrated design of gas circuit, not easy to leak

    3. The wear of key seals is automatically compensated to ensure long-term sealing.

    4. Equipped with high-performance muffler to reduce exhaust noise

    5. Optimize the volume ratio. The pressure ratio is 60:1, and the pressure reaches 6500psi to achieve low frequency and large flow.